Project Process

Below is the general process of a project from concept up to completion. 

  • Meeting with client
  • Identification of project requirements
  • Site visit
  • Discussion of budget estimate
  • Submission of professional fee
  • Signing of contract

Schematic Design
  • Site analysis
  • Exploration of  ideas and solutions
  • Development of concept
  • Development of form and space
  • Presentation to client
  • Revisions
  • Client approval

Design Development
  • Refinement of details and materials
  • Coordination with engineers
  • Presentation of final design 
  • Revisions
  • Client approval

Contract Documentation
  • Production of construction drawings
  • Coordination with engineers
  • Further refinement of details
  • Application of building permit

  • Bidding to project managers and contractors
  • Recommendation of construction team

  • Supervision during construction
  • Coordination with project manager and contractors
  • Inspection and approval of materials
  • Inspection and approval of shop drawings
  • Site inspection with client

  • Punch list review
  • Final site inspection with client
  • Turnover of project to client

To set an appointment, you may
contact us using the details below:

2F State Investment Trust Building
Tiano Brothers cor Hayes Streets
Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City
9000 Philippines

4F BF Andrada Building
Roxas Avenue Extension
Mahayahay, Iligan City
9200 Philippines

CDO landline: 
Iligan landline: 
+63 63 228 4121
Globe/TM : +63 975 570 8525
Smart/Sun: +63 933 619 4554


For suppliers requesting product presentations, 
kindly indicate your globe number in the email 
so we can efficiently coordinate with you.

Below are the frequently asked questions from our clients with our corresponding answers. Hopefully, these would guide you prior to setting up an appointment. 

What shall I prepare before the first appointment? 
Your dreams for the project, of course. That and the lot title or site plan. 

What if I don't fully know what I want? 
It is our responsibility to help you materialize your dreams and vision for the project. No need to worry. 

What if I already have something in mind? 
Great. We already have a starting point. 

How long does it usually take to design? 
For a house, we need about a month to create a draft design. For other types of projects, we have to set an appointment to give a proper estimate. 

Why does it take that long? 
We study as much as we could about the project. We make sure that everything works from the interior to the exterior, from the form to the space to the details to the landscape. We devote time and effort in every project. We are serious and passionate in what we do. The months we have devoted to the design process will ultimately be outweighed by the many satisfying years you will spend in the project.

Who will work on the project? 
Paul Blasco will personally draw, and design, and redesign, and redesign again until the best solution is achieved. The team helps in creating the construction drawings, the 3d model, and the rest of the presentation. Paul supervises every part of the design process to make sure that the vision of the project is intact throughout the entire process.

How much does construction cost?
It depends on your budget. A house can cost Php30,000/sqm to more than Php60,000/sqm. You set your budget then we will work with it.

How long usually is the construction? 

A 2-storey, 300-sqm house, about a year. A 5-storey, 1000-sqm office building, about two years. An entire mall renovation can take three to four years. In most cases, the bigger the project, the longer it is to construct.

Will you supervise the project during construction?
Yes. Our team will coordinate with your team for any concerns and approval during the entire construction process. We could also check the site periodically to make sure that the drawings are followed. We can help you in choosing the materials for your project including the choice of furniture down to the choice of a door knob. We will be with you from the start of the project until its full completion. 

Do you also do construction?
Pacific Phil Urban Builders Corp. is our sister company which we have worked with since our very first project. Together, we can offer design and build package for your total project requirements. We also have a network of reputable suppliers and specialty craftsmen that can deliver the best bespoke projects in the region.

Are you set on a particular style? 
We have always avoided labeling our work and limiting ourselves creatively. Every project we work on is an open-ended question. The only thing we are concerned about is giving our projects emotion, the best way we can, in whatever form it could possibly manifest.